Thursday, 8 November 2012

Lost in Translation

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“Nigel ! Nigel ! – come ben here a mintie”
“What’s up Convener?”
“It’s this thingymablog thing – it’s nae workin’!”
“Not working Convener?”
“No – naebody understan’s a word ‘am sayin’.  Rupert’s left a comment.  He’s bein’ afa’ kind aboot fit ‘am tryin’ tae dae bit the peer man’s nae got the foggiest fit ‘am on aboot!”
“Oh dear, Convener”
“Oh dear a’ richt! – it wis your bloomin’ idea!!  Fit are we gaun tae dae?”
“Well Convener, I do agree that I should take some responsibility, but it seemed like such a good idea.  Perhaps I could tidy it up a bit – you know – take out some of the more unusual expressions?”
“Nae on yer Nellie, Nigel !”  ‘At’s the wey I spik an’ I’m tryin’ tae communicate in my mither tongue”
“But Rupert’s right Convener.  There’s little point of trying to get a message out if it sounds like Greek to a large section of your intended audience.”
“ Dinna mention the Greeks!  They’re in a richt sotter in a’.  Bit we’ll hae tae dae something.”
“Well maybe I could provide an alternative version – you know, on my own blog.”
“Fit? Hae a Nigel’s blog as weel?”
“Yes Convener”
“That's nae a bad idea, then fin oneybody is haein’ a bit o’ a chaav wi’ the Doric they can still get the message somewey else.  A bit like haein’ Google Translate for Doric?
“Yes Convener”
“Weel that should please Rupert – a’ hope he disna’ bear a grudge.  Bear a grudgeRupert – ye get it?”
“Unfortunately yes, Convener”

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